Crypto can be crazy.

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20 Fun Crypto Facts to get you Started

Brought to you by Gemini.

The Internet of Value

And introduction to cryptocurrency & beyond.

A Brief History of Money.

It's tempting to start with cryptography or blockchains, but the first principle is money.

Why You Should Care about Crypto.

Money doesn’t have to be restricted by borders.

A Gentle Introduction to Blockchain Technology.

Distributed ledgers, data stores, transactions, and more.

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Bitcoin is digital money that no single entity controls.

There is no government and no CEO. It’s powered by anyone and everyone.

There will only be 21 million bitcoin. More cannot be printed. You don’t have to be manipulated.

Bitcoin is divisible. You can buy 0.01 BTC. You can hold it, send it, spend it, love it. You are in control.

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Ethereum makes digital money do fancy things.

Ethereum + digital currency enables new applications and markets, just like the internet + data did.

Financial systems, like lending and trading, are now permissionless and open.

It’s more adventurous than Bitcoin, for better and for worse.

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Bitcoin for Beginners

What is Bitcoin?

A beautifully illustrated guide by Square.

How to Learn About Bitcoin.

Learning how to learn complex things.

Why Bitcoin Matters.

Marc Andreessen in the NYTimes in 2014.

How does bitcoin actually work? 📽

From zero to hero. Great for visual and/or auditory learners.

The Bitcoin Whitepaper

A mandatory read for leveling up.

Ethereum for Beginners

A Beginners Guide to Ethereum

The high-level guide to Ethereum.

What is Ethereum?

Smart contracts, consensus, and decentralized applications.

Ethereum 101

High level overview of all things Ethereum, hosted by a site built on Ethereum!

Andreas Antonopoulos Ethereum Q&A 📽

Almost 2 hours of Ethereum question and answers by Andreas Antonopoulos.

DeFi for Beginners

What is DeFi?

Walk in without a clue, walk out a DeFi master.

A Beginners Guide to DeFi

Diving a little deeper to hit all the points.

How to DeFi

This is the literal book on DeFi by CoinGecko.

Staying Secure

Part of controlling your financial future is securing your financial future. Learn how to avoid fraud, scams, phishers, and how your phone number leaves you vulnerable.

Protecting Yourself and Your Funds.

A simple as possible, without ignoring fundamentals.

The Security Guide For Dummies And Smart People.

An in-depth guide to keep you safe.

The Sim-Swapping Bible.

The book on before, during, and after your phone number is stolen. (Yes, this is a thing that happens to most everyone in this space.)

Buying and Holding

Not every product and service is trustworthy. We trust these.

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Keep Going Down the Rabbit Hole

a16z's Crypto Cannon.

Very comprehensive resources covering the fundamentals to crypto primitives and everything in between.


Basically the Wikipedia for Ethereum.

Binance’s Comprehensive Glossary.

Every crazy crypto word, defined. You’ll need it.

What are the Key Properties of Bitcoin?

A deeper dive that covers the philosophical side & technical side of Bitcoin with heaps of links.

a16z's Crypto Startup School

A video course on how to start building a crypto company.